Exclusive lifestyle products

Turiya® is a journey to transcendental elegance with original art on pure silk. Timeless, beyond season and trends, our shawls and scarves are not only accessories. They are a stylistic device to show who you really are.

You have a sense for aesthetics, you love beautiful things? Do you go to art exhibitions and visit museums? Do you have an independent personality and want to stand out from the crowd? You want to express that you have style and taste? Are you interested in art and design? Do you cultivate a tasteful and aesthetic lifestyle? Show it with a Turiya® Lifestyle product. The Turiya® silk scarf is a reward for something. A Turiya silk-scarf is a statement.

Men, who see their life partner in this very light, will find a high-quality gift for special occasions at Turiya®.

Unique art

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Turiya® scarfs are pristine and pure art and not restricted by the repeat of patterns and colors. You can be sure to have an unique kerchief in your hands that you wont see on an other person. Every Turiya® silk accessoire is going to be a real favourite piece in your wardrobe. 

The artists

The artists behind our kerchiefs are Carl-W. Röhrig and Sven Joerg Hansen. The paintings of Carl-W. Röhrig are pure emotion brought on canvas and every observer can find his own interpretation. Sven Joerg Hansen gets his inspiration from Buddhism, Hinduism and Tao. His artwork tells about the immeasurable “world of spirit”, the collective knowledge and the human soulscape.

Accessoires for all occasions


There are many occasions and one continuous question: “what shall I wear today?”. We don’t know how your wardrobe looks like… but we promise to have the perfect stole, a wonderful foulard or a menscarf suitable for your outfit. The silk accessoires by Turiya® are always the perfect supplement, whether you wear a business outfit or a gown.

An exclusive present


The best presents are those that we would keep for ourselves. Be thrilled to see the happy face of your best friend, of your husband or daughter. It might give a lot of ideas for presents, but a scarf by Turiya® is always something special and timeless. Don’t ever worry about wedding or birthday presents again – a kerchief by Turiya® solves this problem once and for all.



What silk accessoire fits to my wardrobe? How can I combine the colors? We help you with this decision and give you an exclusive offer. 



„I was looking for a special gift for my mother when I found this beautiful silk scarf. The service was good and fast and the gift box was also very pretty.” Kerstin S., Waldenbuch

“Ordered today and delivered very fast in a noble Turiya® gift box! I rewarded myself with this special kerchief and people often ask me where I got it from because it’s so extraordinary.” Gabrielle G., Giessen

Delivery information


The shipping occurs immediately after we receive the order. In Germany, there are no delivery costs. In Europe there is a delivery fee of EUR 14.-. We ship worldwide for a fee of EUR 17.- to EUR 20.- depending on the destination. Every Turiya® product is delivered in a beautiful gift box. 

Care instructions


Use two or three drops of a soft detergent suitable for wool in lukewarm water up to 35 degrees Celsius. Distribute the detergent carefully in the water and dive the scarf into the water for 5 minutes. Don’t scrub silk. Rinse the silk until the water is clear. Softly press out the excessive water and dry the silk without direct solar radiation.